Instant Karma

Need to appease the gods?

There's an app for that.

You know you've done it. Despite whatever religious affiliation you may have (or none at all) there will always be those instances you say a tiny prayer for a little helping hand. Sometimes it's because you are getting frustrated that you can't find your keys and already late for work. Sometimes it's for those five points more that will get you a win in your fantasy football league. But what makes you think you deserve the good karma at that instance? All of your past good deeds may have already been used up. How's one to know the will of the gods? Maybe they have a short term memory like us mortals. Well don't tempt fate next time you need some good fortune. Instant Karma helps you get on the right side of luck ASAP. Its the 21st century, let your cell phone donate some much appreciated money to one of several great charities and give the gods a reason to nudge fate in your direction.


  • v1, 26 December 2011

To Do List

  1. Need more deity coverage
    • Cupid
    • School (Apollo?)
    • Basketball
    • Hockey
    • Baseball
    • What would women want?
  2. Confirmation SMS not being caught
  3. Icons
    • Share
    • Done
    • About
    • Charities List
  4. Deity images
    • Maybe use in background where it's just a partial view -- would fit list oriented style
  5. More charities
    • Randomize based on donation amount?
    • Or user configures two?
  6. Keep user donation history
  7. Customize ProGuard
  8. iPhone port -- anyone???
  9. Open source all the code

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