Life Goals

Become the wise side character who greatly influences a future important historical person. Then write a bad novel that is torn apart by said protagonist.

To know what came before me and how I can be part of what is next.

To live a classically tragic life.

Always be happy but never content.

Win some crappy MTV award, like, "Best On-Screen Kiss", and put it on a chain to wear around my neck.

Create an entertaining story that will spark a change in the world.

Have some gal's last words about me in her journal be: "Mr. Nguyen has left Portland."

Have killer abs that make ladies want to "rub their hands all over me" as I model designer jeans.

Never lose sight of my dreams -- they came sometime between my youth when I didn't know any better and before my future jaded adulthood when I think too much

Surround myself with great people who will challenge me, then build on their brilliance to do genius work and claim all the credit.

Never regret the things I've done or even who I've done. Learn from the regrets when I didn't do something.

Remember that if I'm happy with who I am then I haven't made any wrong decisions.

Move on in life but never forget. Forgetting means I've learned jack shit and wasted a bunch of time. Forget should not be used as a cure.

Make friends that I believe in and who believe in me. Everyone else is a burden unless they reliably bring booze and girls to my parties.

Not be a glass half full or glass half empty guy but a guy who gets shit in a glass and laughs.


Love will be the salvation of your heart.
Faith in others will save your soul.
The path you live will fulfill your mind.
And in time your body will play ball
In a vast field with Buddhas and angels.


Technology drives my mind;
Poetry drives my soul;
Blindness drives my heart;
And this steering wheel on
penis drives me nuts

Give a great TED Talk

Be part of a cheesy, Broadway, 50's inspired dance fight between rival 'gangs'.

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