A Fairly Normal Day

It was a normal day until the police showed up. They kept walking around pushing people. Enforcing their stupid rules. You couldn't do anything unless you had a permit for it. "Hey kid! You got a permit for eating that!?!" an officer yelled.

"No, sir," the kid replied.

Since he didn't have a permit, his sandwich was confiscated and eaten. Then the policeman went to another kid. "Do you have a permit for sitting still?"

"Yes. Here it is," the smart-alecky kid said.

"Got a permit for this permit!?!"

"Umm, no sir," the kid nervously replied.

The officer didn't like that and he beat him for not having a permit for the permit.

The policeman walked up to me. "Doing homework, eh? Got a permit for it?" I got scared and frantically searched my bag for it. I finally found it and showed it to him.

"Did I say you could take that long?" he sarcastically said to me. Then he grabbed me and dragged me away to prison.

While sitting in jail I came to thinking. The permit law wasn't that bad. The problem was after you sent in the permit application it took 6 to 8 weeks for it to arrive. I would have had a time permit, but it got lost in my room. The permit for a messy room wasn't that great.

I started to fall asleep. Before I could doze off footsteps came toward my cell. "Hey kid. You are going on trial for being a psychic. Guess you already knew that," a guard told me. I was too shocked to say anything. He left while laughing at his own joke.

The next morning some men came into my cell and grabbed me. I was lead to a small room with a man in a white shirt. "Hello, I am Doctor, wait, you already know don't you?" the white shirted man questioned.

"Well, actually, no," I replied.

"Ha-ha, well nice try. Now we begin the test. Do not get up from that chair unless you are told. If you do you will be guilty for being a psychic."

Suddenly a thought flew through my head. A pulsing sensation came to me. Then I looked at the man and more thoughts came. I could read minds. I am a psychic! Hooray, I mean, that's not good. Then I probed his mind.

"If you are not a psychic and cannot read minds stand up," the man thought. I started to stand, then remembered that I would be guilty of being a psychic if I left the chair. It was an interesting dilemma, I decided to sit.

"How many fingers am I holding up?" the man asked.

I probed his mind again. He was holding up 3.

"5 fingers, your holding up 5."

"Correct! I am holding up 5," he said as he showed me his open hand, "well, that's all I need to know."

A law enforcement agent came up to me and dragged me away. I was put back into my cell. A couple days later the white shirted man came up to me. He wore a red shirt this time. "Well, you've been found guilty on all charges. Charges include psychic abilities, mind reading, sorcery, and taking too long without a permit. That adds up to life in prison."

Feeling depressed I sat there. A few days passed, all I did was sit. Then the white shirted man that wore a red shirt came up to my cell. "So I hear you have two life terms in prison for psychic abilities, mind reading, sorcery, taking too long without a permit, bribery, and tax fraud. Anyway, I came to tell you that if you continue to sit we will have to fine you."

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