I'm Not A Pervert... Really I'm Not

Another Friday, another day of work and school gone by. Not much to do tonight. Friday night, no date, and I don't want to hang out with friends -- wonder what people think of me. Oh well, I'm too tired to want to do anything social, maybe I'll rent a movie. I just want to get home and relax. First I need to get something to eat. There is a Jack in the Box ; that sounds good enough. Hey, there's a Fantasy Video store across the street, how profitable must those be, they seem to be everywhere.

You know, I've never actually been in one of those mega video stores. I've had a good laugh with some friends going into the "over 18" section of a regular video store, but never a porn only place. Wonder what type of stuff they have in these larger places. I just know that if I go in the same thing will happen to me as it happens in teen TV shows. I'll walk in and run right into one of my teachers walking out. I'm already a computer nerd, no need to perpetuate the stereotype of being a sex deprived and porn addicted geek.

What the hell am I worrying about? I'm just going in for shits and giggles, no bid deal. Porn videos are so ridiculous, especially the ones that take names from real movies. The whole thing is incredibly funny. I wonder what kind of synopsis they put for movies that actually try to have a story line? I'll just go in and have a quick look around. It's not like I'm going to buy or rent anything. Well, maybe there is some joke gift I can get for one of my friends. The store is friggin' huge, I have to see how they can fill a store this large with porn videos.

Geez, the guy at the counter doesn't look too happy. Probably a crap job cleaning up after the cheap customers and dealing with the freaky regulars. Oh that reminds me, I better try not to touch anything cause I am going to eat afterward. That table of used videos for sale is definitely something I don't want to get near. Heh, nobody in here will make eye contact with each other, good reason for that too. Look at all these different videos, man this is a huge industry. Wonder what percentage of the entertainment industry is in porn. Damn, a lot of these girls are nasty looking too... well that one is kind of hot. How many years do you have to be doing this to become a porn star? Are these girls more talented than those? Ah, here are those movie rip-offs. When Sally Met Sally for the guys, When Harry Met Harry for the gals, or maybe the other guys, and When Sally Gets Hairy for the fetish people.

This one looks interesting, The Mattress: Everyday life is turned upside-down when Thomas Anderson discovers that the world around him is a detailed virtual reality created by a computer that has taken over the Earth of the future. The only way to escape is to understand the Mattress, and when Anderson realizes his predicament he teams up with Missionary to reclaim their individuality and 'wake up' the world through sex. Man-o-man, these things come out fast, how long does it take to go from hit movie to porno.

Hey, sounds like a couple girls talking in the next aisle over. Maybe they're a couple cute lesbians. Wait a minute, it sounds like Lindsey and Melissa. Oh shit it is them! What am I going to do now? I have to get out of here without them seeing me. If they were my friends it wouldn't be a big deal. I could just walk over, get made fun of a bit, say that I just came in for a laugh, and it would be a done deal. Those two, though, I really don't know, and knowing them they'd probably tell others that see me everyday.

I just have to wait until they leave or until they move away from the front area. If I'm quick enough they won't even notice that it is me. I don't even know why I even care. Fuck what people think of me I probably don't give off a good impression in the first place. Who am I trying to fool? This kind of crap always burns me in the end. I'll end up thinking that people near me are laughing at me for the rest of my life. This sucks. All right they are moving over to the back area this is my chance... holy crap, the girls in this video are pretty good looking. Damn it, man, get your eyes off the video and keep moving.

That was a close one. I'm pretty sure they didn't see me leaving the place. Oh yeah, I almost forgot that I was going to get some burgers across the street. Oh crap here comes Lindsey and Melissa out of the store. Just pretend I'm getting out of the car. Great she just saw me and is staring right at me.

"Thien, right? You're in my biology class aren't you? What takes you out here?" Lindsey asked.

"I'm just getting some burgers over at Jack in the Box. I just got off of work. Where are you two off to?"

"Heading over to pick up some friends for a party tonight, and I think we are kind of late, so we better go," she replied to me.

As they walked away I could hear Melissa whisper, "Do you think he saw us come out of there?"

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