Singularity Panacea

We're in a singularity
and I'm still without you.

Robots Done Right

Robots Done Right
    Laser arms.
    Chainsaw hand.
    Reason is
        no reason.
            Teach them love?
            Beauty of humanity?
    Fuck that shit.
    Kill all humanoids.

Long Distance Relationship

Fly across the vast Andromeda chain,
  Your soul and mine entwined only in vain.
Around the world bright minds desire to roam,
  Thus I sit sad and write a small love poem.
For now here it is I must live and stay,
  Glad you're not ten thousand light years away.

The Universe is You

I would
    Grope the moon,
    Fondle the sun,
    Ride a shooting star,
    Feel up a cloud,
    Stalk a rainbow,
    And lick the horizon
Because they remind me of you.
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