Trả Lại

I wonder if those perfect thoughts were mine,
   Moments I miss, oh memories divine.
Deep dives into trash'd hems of long ago.
   Loop'd 'round people, places, pathways we sew.
Impeccable randomness culminate
   Blissful of being, time shall devastate
The truth that was; the lies that we create
  Hidden in the past shadows of our fate.

Flip back and forth, full catalogs of new,
   Digitized experience flay'd in view.
Cash'd commodities to be shared and sold.
   A copy not; you have no right to hold.
For now they own what was once in your mind,
   To remember would be business blind.
Bull market on life's lasting memories.
   Public stock of the richest treasuries.

Don't let you hear I gave away your love,
   Pennies on the dollar -- sorrows -- free of.
Gratified by the paths others have tread,
   Trace this kiss I feel in the owner's stead,
What shall be kept in hand? What shall be dealt?
   How does one value the emotions felt?
Beauty unbeknownst, hardships all remain,
   Who has no lust for limn life has no pain.

A woman in the next booth cried aloud,
   Whispering songs, seeking purpose in clouds.
Full details: must be complete immersion.
   Entertain! Mass crowds weekly diversion.
Others go with a more sinister plan,
   Glimpse and fear, maybe... maybe my lost span.
Harsh struggles, poor decisions demanded,
   Relief from the woes, notions expended.

Fees for fantasies, spot spiritual,
   Loose reality in the virtual.
Ever last the fruits, our souls chance to eat,
   They remain to be seen, try, take a seat.
Are we still defined by what we have done
   No longer recalling webs we have spun?
Slide in a dollar more with just one plea,
   O' kind sir. The next reel can just be me. 
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